About Us

The Czech Society for the Properties of Water and Steam is a member and national representative of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS), a non-profit association concerned with the properties of water and steam, particularly:

  • thermophysical properties
  • cycle chemistry and other aspects of high-temperature steam
  • water and aqueous mixtures relevant to thermal power cycles
  • industrial applications


The Czech Society for the Properties of Water and Steam provides the following services in the Czech Republic:

  • Organizes and carries out experimental research, critical evaluation of experimental data, mathematical description of the properties of water, steam and aqueous solutions according to IAPWS recommendations
  • Informs the public about IAPWS activities, results and adopted standards
  • Implements internationally adopted calculation methods for water and steam properties in power engineering and other industrial applications at national level using legally binding international standards
  • Publishes essential IAPWS documents in Czech
  • Provides consulting services